5 Essential Elements of Marketing Strategy for Rental Property

As a property manager, it is obvious that you want to market your property so that it attracts the right tenants. So, you want to have the right marketing strategy in place for your rental property with the right advertising to ensure compliance with the fair housing laws.

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In this blog, we’ll explore five essential elements of a marketing strategy for rental properties with a focus on affordable housing in the US, with a strong emphasis on adhering to fair housing regulations.

5 elements of marketing strategy for rental property:

  1. Understanding Your Diverse Target Audience:

To ensure fair housing compliance, it’s crucial to understand and respect the diversity of your potential tenants. Affordable housing serves a wide range of individuals with varying backgrounds and characteristics. Conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience’s demographics and needs while paying careful attention to fair housing laws. Avoid any discriminatory practices and tailor your marketing efforts to accommodate the diverse needs of your audience.

  1. Emphasize Affordability and Accessibility while Remaining Inclusive:

While affordability is a key selling point, make sure your marketing materials emphasize that your property is open to everyone, regardless of their background. Highlight the competitive rental rates and any financial assistance programs or subsidies you offer, making it clear that these opportunities are available to all eligible individuals. Additionally, promote the accessibility of your property without discriminating against any group.

  1. Embrace Fair Housing-Focused Digital Marketing:

Your online presence should not only be user-friendly but also reflect your commitment to fair housing. Ensure that your website includes information on fair housing rights, policies, and procedures. Use diverse and inclusive imagery and language in all your marketing materials like fair housing logos. Avoid any content that could be interpreted as discriminatory or exclusive. Consider consulting with fair housing experts to review your marketing materials for compliance.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service with a Fair Housing Lens:

Excellent customer service goes hand in hand with fair housing compliance. Train your property management team to understand and follow fair housing regulations. Encourage them to respond promptly and professionally to all inquiries while respecting fair housing principles. A commitment to fair housing not only ensures compliance but also fosters a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all prospective tenants.

  1. Highlight Inclusivity and Accessibility:

Promote your property’s commitment to inclusivity by highlighting features and amenities that cater to a diverse tenant population. Showcase community amenities that can benefit everyone, such as accessible entrances, common areas, and recreational facilities. Emphasize the property’s proximity to essential services and public transportation, ensuring that these benefits are accessible to all tenants.


Marketing affordable housing rental properties in the US requires a comprehensive strategy that not only aligns with the unique needs of your target audience but also adheres to fair housing compliance. By understanding your diverse audience, emphasizing affordability and accessibility while remaining inclusive, embracing fair housing-focused digital marketing, providing exceptional customer service with a fair housing lens, and highlighting inclusivity and accessibility, you can effectively market your rental property while upholding the principles of fair housing, contributing to a more equitable housing landscape in the United States. Get access to FREE industry-expert training webinars on affordable housing and fair housing compliance by exploring our website.

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