Top 5 Affordable Housing experts to follow and learn from

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It’s not just a desirable quality, but a necessity when it comes to affordable housing. There are lots of factors to consider, like regulations, market dynamics, and social factors. The best way to navigate this terrain is to learn from the best. 

Here, we delve into the backgrounds and contributions of the top five affordable housing experts who offer invaluable insights and knowledge for industry professionals.

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5 Best Affordable Housing Experts In US

1. Anne Sadovsky:

A career spanning five decades in the apartment industry is impressive for Anne Sadovsky. The journey she took from being the Vice President of Marketing and Education at Lincoln Property Company to becoming a highly sought-after speaker and educator is a testament to her expertise and dedication. Her credentials include CAM, CAPS, and NAAEI Advanced Facilitator, demonstrating her commitment to continuing education and professional development.

Anne’s multifaceted approach to education sets her apart. Additionally, she is a certified speaker recognized by the National Speakers Association as well as a contributing writer for esteemed publications. MultiHousing News named her one of the top trainers in the industry due to her engaging style and wealth of practical wisdom.

Anne’s impact extends beyond the classroom. She has chaired and served on numerous education committees for major conferences, shaping the dialogue and priorities within the industry. Her dedication to sharing skills and tools that are both life-changing and practical underscores her commitment to empowering others in the housing sector.

2. Tina Austin:

Throughout her 15-year career, Tina Austin has been passionate about affordable housing compliance. Tina’s expertise lies in turning distressed, non-compliant properties into models of compliance. With hands-on experience ranging from property management to executive roles, she understands the challenges industry professionals face.

What sets Tina apart is her no-nonsense, personable style of training. Known as the “Compliance Coach” and “Fixer” among her clients, she emphasizes the bottom-line objective of always protecting the asset. This practical approach, combined with her deep commitment to ensuring everyone has access to decent, safe, and stable housing, makes her a trusted advisor within the affordable housing community.

Tina’s involvement in HUD Roundtable committees and non-profit organizations further underscores her dedication to advancing the cause of affordable housing. Whether she’s guiding clients through complex regulatory landscapes or advocating for policy changes, Tina’s impact is felt at both the grassroots and strategic levels.

3. Paul Flogstad:

As a seasoned real estate professional with 38 years of experience, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Throughout his career, he has worked in sales, construction, project management, appraisal, and property management consulting/training, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to mastering every facet of the housing sector.

Paul’s expertise in fair housing issues is particularly noteworthy. He provides training and consulting services nationwide through his consulting company, Property Management Solutions. Discrimination and landlord-tenant issues have been effectively addressed through his innovative approaches, such as the three-pronged fair housing awareness program developed for South Dakota.

Apart from his consulting work, Paul is also a prolific author, having written the comprehensive book “Fair Housing: What Everyone Should Know.” This resource, written from the perspective of a property manager and filled with real-world examples, serves as a cornerstone for fair housing education.

4. Gwen Volk:

Over the course of her illustrious career in the affordable housing industry, Gwen Volk has demonstrated an unflagging commitment to compliance and property management excellence. Gwen’s credentials as a Certified Property Manager and National Affordable Housing Professional demonstrate her deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks governing affordable housing.

Gwen’s expertise extends across various affordable housing programs, including tax credits, HOME, and Section 8. Her strategic approach to managing properties, informed by a Master’s degree in Business, sets her apart as a trusted advisor for agents, owners, and managers seeking clarity amidst regulatory complexity.

What distinguishes Gwen is her leadership within industry organizations such as AHMAs, NAHMA, and IREM. As a servant leader, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise, driving positive change within the affordable housing community.

5. Doug Chasick:

Doug Chasick, known affectionately as “That Fair Housing Guy™,” is a towering figure in fair housing education and advocacy. With over 46 years of real estate experience, including roles as President or CEO of multiple real estate companies, Doug brings a wealth of practical insights to his teachings.

The extensive contributions Doug has made to education and training are evidence of his commitment to fair housing practices. Among his responsibilities as a NAAEI Faculty member, he is responsible for leading advanced facilitator training courses and co-authoring essential resources, such as “Outstanding Facilitation Techniques” and “Fair Housing and Beyond.”

Doug’s impact extends beyond the classroom. As a licensed Real Estate Broker and Expert Fair Housing Instructor, he actively engages with policymakers and industry stakeholders to advance fair housing initiatives. His recognition as the recipient of the NAAEI Apartment Career & Education award underscores his tireless dedication to professionalism and ethical standards within the industry.

Final Words:

The top five affordable housing experts highlighted here represent a diverse array of experiences and expertise within the industry. From marketing and compliance to fair housing advocacy and property management, their contributions have shaped the dialogue and priorities within the affordable housing community. As industry professionals strive to navigate challenges and drive positive change, learning from these experts is not just advisable but essential for success. If you want to learn from the best then you can check out the website of Compliance Prime and explore both live and recorded webinars.

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