The Five Key Responsibilities of Leasing Consultants

A leasing consultant serves as the face of property management companies and apartment complexes in the real estate industry. It is their responsibility to ensure that properties are leased to qualified tenants in accordance with fair housing principles.

In the United States, fair housing laws are in place to prevent discrimination in housing transactions. Leasing consultants must navigate these laws while performing their duties.

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the five key responsibilities of leasing consultants from the perspective of fair housing in the US.

  1. Non-Discriminatory Marketing:

It is the responsibility of leasing consultants to market rental properties in a manner that does not discriminate against any protected class. This includes creating advertisements, property listings, and promotional materials that are inclusive and don’t contain language or images that might discourage certain individuals or groups from applying. Additionally, they must ensure that all potential tenants have equal access to information about available properties.

  1. Equal Treatment of Applicants:

To ensure equal and fair treatment for all applicants, leasing consultants are given the task of treating everyone equally and fairly. For this reason, all prospective tenants should be treated equally, regardless of their background or characteristics. When interacting with applicants, leasing consultants must refrain from asking inappropriate or discriminatory questions, ensuring that all applicants have an equal opportunity to be considered for housing.

  1. Providing Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications:

According to fair housing laws, leasing consultants are required to make reasonable modifications and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Leasing consultants should be knowledgeable about the process of accommodating disabled applicants and tenants. It is essential that they are prepared to adjust policies and procedures as well as the physical environment to ensure equal access to housing for all.

  1. Handling Complaints and Disputes:

Leasing consultants often serve as the first point of contact for tenants and applicants. It is their responsibility to handle complaints and disputes in accordance with fair housing laws. Their training should include the ability to handle issues promptly, maintain documentation of all interactions, and ensure that resolutions are reached without discrimination. In cases where leasing consultants are unable to resolve disputes, the property management company should be notified.


Leasing consultants play a crucial role in the rental housing industry, serving as the interface between property management companies and prospective tenants. Their responsibilities extend beyond simply finding suitable tenants; they must do so while adhering to fair housing laws and principles.

By understanding these five key responsibilities in the context of fair housing, leasing consultants can contribute to creating a housing market that is inclusive, equal, and free from discrimination. Staying informed about the latest developments in fair housing regulations and continuously improving their skills is essential for leasing consultants to excel in their roles while upholding the principles of fair housing in the United States. Explore our website to learn affordable housing management with free training webinars under the expert guidance of industry professionals.

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